About me

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Thursday, 01 October 2009 04:45

Who am I

I guess that people, who open this web, they know me, but in case of successful SEO of this web, I have to introduce my self.
I am a man who was born in the cosy town Liberec, it is small city, but enough big for my growth...

What do I want

Once upon the time, one HR manager asked me this question. It was first time I had to answer that. I didn't know the correct answer; I didn't know any answer. That scared me a lot. I thought that I am that small ant who is moving that direction as others ask you.
I found out that it is not true, as my father told me "everyone is unique and you have to just find your uniqueness. Do that what you can do the best, it can be anything what you can find in your mind, but if you do that, be the best"

I am not going to tell you that answer. Be sure, that you have your own.

What do I expect

It is not easy to tell what do I expect from me.
It is not easier to tell what do I expect from others.
But it is necessary to tell that to others and it is expertise, intelligence, open minds and drive for targets.

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